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Why you should consider an elopement in a city

First of all, what is an elopement?

Traditionally speaking, it means a romantic escape of a couple getting married, sometimes it can involve a small amount of people, other times it would be just the lovers.

In the UK, the most famous locations to elope are usually considered the Isle of Skye, Scotland in general, and Cornwall, because of their dramatic landscapes. HOWEVER. Have you ever considered that a city elopement in the UK would actually be a really good idea?

Here are a few reasons to consider a city elopement:

ACCESSIBILITY - unlike the more dramatic elopement locations, cities are easily accessible, you don't have to get lost on remote roads and you don't need to hike a mountain to have a beautiful, meaningful ceremony and dope pictures! You will also be able to have a walk through the city centre and stop by and get amazing shots at places which may be meaningful to you, it might be the city where you met or where you had your first dates, you can revisit those meaningful locations and have great pictures taken cruising around. Accessibility is also an important one when you have some guests with you who may find navigating the city easier than if you were on a mountain in the middle of nowhere!

VIEWS - if you like the architecture, the skylines and cityscapes, then you can play around a lot when it comes to a city elopement! Think London, Edinburgh, Manchester (where these pictures were taken) Bristol, York, all offer beautiful options for a really amazing and fun day!

the elements of architecture, the graffiti walls, the staircases, the quirky book stores can all be the perfect backdrop to your big day!


If you choose to elope in Scotland or Northern Ireland you can get (legally) married anywhere, so you could potentially organise your ceremony on a rooftop cocktail bar, in a boujee hotel, or in a beautiful city park. If you choose to elope in England or Wales you have to do the legal bit first at a registry office, but saying that, a lot of these look incredible so don't underestimate the power of the registries! And remember that you can always do a humanist ceremony with a celebrant wherever you want, afterwards, and you can choose any ritual you fancy.


  • get ready together - take the pressure off by sharing this beautiful moment with eachother

  • write your own vows and experience the amazing gift of having a private and personalised ceremony, and all in the middle of an amazing city

  • pop some champagne and experience the magic, just the two of you

  • cut a small cake, and you could enjoy it at your return at the hotel for a real movie star feeling

  • bring your dog! They're definitely part of the family and especially if you have a small dog it will be great to have them with you on this incredible day

  • explore the pubs, shops and parks and soak in the just married feels

  • get some fast food if it feels right, or splurdge on your favourite restaurant with the city view

  • bring a speaker and share a first dance in your favourite city spot!

  • go grab some cocktails (or mocktails) at your favourite cocktail bar

  • go see a show together

  • share a bubble bath on your return from your busy day (and devour said cake!)

With a city elopement, you will have the chance to have the best of both worlds by joining the indoors and the outdoors, as you may want to get ready at your hotel but have your ceremony outdoors in a park with a city view!


  • just because it's a smaller do, it does not make it in any way less meaningful, so enjoy getting ready and book yourself a hair stylist and a makeup artist if it feels right for you.

  • City elopements do attract some attention, so if you would prefer a private affair and avoid crowds, you might want to book a weekday elopement to avoid people photobombing your pictures! Saying that, some people love the buzz and the atmosphere of a busy city, so do what feels right for you, and you can make it work with your photographer in 99.9% of cases.

  • you can bring a modern flare to a historic place by adding bold floral pieces and unconventional wedding attire, quirky signage and fresh colour palettes which will complement the city vibes perfectly

  • as much as city elopements are waaaaaaay easier to organise than a big wedding, I would recommend to get in touch with your ideal suppliers (restaurant/hotel/celebrant/registry office) as soon as you have a date in mind as there can be long waiting lists and you don't want to miss out!

if you need help planning your city elopement, please reach out!

I will gather all my favourite supplier recommendations and I will be delighted to help you draw a timeline for your incredible day in the city!

concept: Stephanie Dreams photography/Love for all lgbtq

in the pictures: Arlo & Rosie (splodgecreative)

flowers: Power Plant Flowers

banner: Tara Collette

confetti: paper circle confetti

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