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intimate autumnal wedding in Ruthin castle

Jess and Andy decided to have around them only the people who matter the most on their special day. There were eighteen people in total, but the room was filled with happiness for ten-fold.

The ceremony was held at Mold registry office. It was a strikingly beautiful November afternoon and the trees were lit in bright oranges and yellows, almost forming an autumnal carpet for Jess to walk on, when she came out of her Mini.

Jess chose a beautiful emerald green wedding dress which complimented her auburn hair perfectly (if you didn't know, green and ginger together should be a non negotiable law, match made in heaven) and she arranged her own flowers in a small posey bouquet.

Andy's face lit up the whole registry office when he saw his bride coming through the door. He squeezed Jess' s hand for most of the ceremony, and their first kiss ended up being a series of really cute kisses (which is music to my ears as a photographer, look at them making my life easier!). We had to do a few obligatory portraits with the spectacular trees as their frame, and then we rushed up to Ruthin castle, where their reception was going to be. Jess had told me that she was a little worried if we would have had enough natural light for couple portraits, as it was about 4 pm when we arrived at the castle. The daylight that was left ended up being more than enough for them to soak all the newlyweds feels, to giggle, to hug, to dance on the grass.

Before their stunning wedding dinner we had fun around the castle taking some more portraits.

There is something infinitely special in intimate weddings, because the stress element is very lowered in respect to bigger ones, and I find that people are a lot more present and take the day in a lot more, surrounded by their important loved ones.

groom with viking hairstyle in autumnal light


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